Donate to Supportive Housing of Waterloo

Do you remember the first time you saw someone on the street you assumed was homeless? Maybe this person was sitting on a sidewalk, or standing at a traffic light, cap in hand, panning. You probably felt some sense of fear, confusion, distaste, it is unlikely that you had any comprehension of the root causes of homelessness, or for that matter, the depth of human misery it creates. We are bombarded on a daily basis by chaos around the world, whether it is orchestrated by politicians, weather or weapons, the feeling of being overwhelmed is common. We worry about refugees, who among us would disagree that everyone needs a home, we all need to feel like we belong somewhere but sometimes the enormity of the issues the world faces cause us to turn away.

You can help, you can help one small agency in this community create housing for those in need. Those who have been living on the streets because they can’t afford an address. We have our own refugees here, people who sleep in shelters, couch surf, in tents in parks, in cars. University graduates, elementary school drop outs, old people and young. For all of them the issue is housing, affordable housing.

SHOW is that little agency that creates housing for those who otherwise would be homeless. Our waiting lists are long, years long. We need your help. A donation to SHOW will support folks who have been so traumatized by their experiences, who live with the effects of PTSD from life on the street but we can’t do it without the support of your community. We have no glitzy fund raising staff, we can’t afford fancy events or much publicity, but we hope we can count on you to change the lives of people in your own community.

Please  donate to SHOW using the button below. Your support will enable us to provide the intensive levels of support our tenants at 362 Erb St. West require, or can help us fund our new Affordable Housing build at 402 Erb St. West. If you need further information, a speaker for an event, or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Gael Gilbert, Executive Director, at 519-886-8200.