Our Housing

The building at 362 Erb St. West in Waterloo is comprised of 30, one bedroom units, 3 of those are accessible for tenants with mobility challenges.  Tenants are provided with fully furnished and equipped apartments, and each tenant has access to a fully stocked food pantry in the building.  Our tenants are those who have been marginalized by poverty, by homelessness, ill health, substance use or despair.  SHOW not only provides individuals with whatever they need within their apartments, but the most important role we play is that of providing the emotional supports, the access to health care, staff who are available 24/7 to assist a tenant who might be struggling, to help smooth the path to a life that encompasses both stability and dignity.

HAWS units are apartments in the larger community for which a tenant receives a rental subsidy and the support of one of our staff, on a weekly basis.  An individual can find their own apartment and the HAWS program then applies the rental subsidy.  Though these are limited in number we look forward to increasing their numbers as this is an option for people who need less supports than are given at 362 Erb St. West.

402 Erb St. West is a SHOW-owned, 9 unit building, comprised of one bedroom apartments.  This housing is affordable housing for individuals who have attained a level of stability and independence and can manage with minimal supports. It was opened in December 2018.  It is conveniently located close to our main site so that tenants can participate in activities or access other supports if needed.

SHOW is dedicated to the provision of affordable housing and to that end is working in partnership with several local agencies in the creation of new housing initiatives to serve the neediest in our community.