Interested in living at SHOW? 

Once people move into SHOW, they tend to stay.  Our work to support our tenants from homelessness to housing stability translates to low turnover, and usually only a couple of openings for new tenants each year.

If you would like to become a resident at SHOW, you must first be assessed for eligibility through the Region of Waterloo’s Prioritized Access to Housing Stability (PATHS) coordinated access process.  Through this process, people are added to the PATHS priority list to wait for available Supportive Housing units and/or other appropriate outreach services.

It is important for potential tenants to understand what “supportive housing” means.   The supportive piece comes not only with 24-hour staffing, but that our staff have an ongoing relationship with other agencies and supports that are in place for our tenants. 

Our staff work closely with the person and their supports to ensure that while a person lives at SHOW, community connections can be maintained.

If you have general questions about SHOW, you may also contact the Program Manager at 519-886-8200, extension 22.