On a recent Saturday evening I was invited to spend some time on the patio of 144 Erb Street East to meet some of the tenants, and enjoy some lemonade. I was shown around the building (definitely not air conditioned) and was struck by the very strong sense of community they have built. In fact, one tenant who has become wheelchair bound was unable to leave her unit due to the stairs in the building. The resolution for these tenants was to have a tenant trade units so she could regain the ability to come and go. Certainly a transition one might expect within a family but these tenants came together to figure out how to help improve the quality of one tenant’s life. It is our plan to install chair lifts which will be life changing for some of these tenants as more than one is mobility impaired.

The building needs some upgrades, it has been almost 50 years and we have plans to increase energy efficiency, increase accessibility, improve ventilation, update the units and continue to build upon a warm, caring and compassionate community of elders who built this Region.

Clare, the distinguished gentleman in the plaid shirt, has managed the Civitan building for the past five years and has ensured the tenants a safe and friendly home and SHOW looks forward to the next five years as we bring the building into the 21st century.