20K for 20 years: Will You Join Us in Celebrating Tim Sothern and Mark Crowell’s Volunteer Commitment to SHOW?

This year Supportive Housing of Waterloo is saying goodbye to 2 members of their Board of Director’s; Tim Sothern and Mark Crowell.

As part of Tim and Mark’s legacy of serving individuals in our community, SHOW is creating a Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund to support our tenants with expenses that would not normally fall into SHOW’s budget.

There are times when government funding falls just short and our tenants need to cover a remaining balance for an assistive device they require; or supports aren’t able to be funded due to an individual not meeting all of the required criteria, or an unexpected expense occurs that requires immediate action but months of saving – in almost every scenario SHOW makes up that difference to ensure that our tenants can get the scooter they need for their mobility, that they can participate in a program that improves their wellbeing, or that they don’t need to wait 2 months to purchase new shoes as theirs wore out. A Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund would allow SHOW to ensure our tenants have access to critical health and quality-of-life related items. 

This June SHOW will be raising funds to support the Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund in conjunction with CanadaHelp’s Great Canadian Giving Challenge. For every $1 donated through CanadaHelps from June 1st to June 30th, SHOW will receive 1 entry into a grand prize draw for $20,000.00. This could mean that we have the potential to start our Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund with $40,000.00! What an amazing legacy that would be for both Tim and Mark, who have a combined 20 years of volunteers and advancing affordable and supportive housing in our community. What an incredible impact this would have for SHOW’s tenants.

Will you consider joining us in showing appreciation for the commitment and dedication that Tim and Mark have shown both to SHOW, the tenants of SHOW, and their communities by supporting the creation of the Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund? You can donate to the 20-20 Challenge and help SHOW qualify for entries into the Grand Prize draw for $20,000 here!