A Message from Gael Gilbert, Executive Director

In a few days SHOW will be marking our 10th anniversary. In a time of limited good news, SHOW is happy to share that we have received a generous grant of $200,000 from the City of Waterloo, allowing SHOW to complete the purchase of the Civitan Apartment building at 144 Erb St. East.  The Region of Waterloo also granted SHOW $200,000 last week. We are so incredibly grateful for the support of both the Region and City to make this transaction happen.

The purchase of this building is a testament to the creativity of SHOW Board Member Mike Maxwell who recognized two very important issues simultaneously when he saw a For Sale sign on the Civitan Apartment Building.  His first thought was ‘I need to secure this property for SHOW so we can maintain it as affordable housing’, his second thought was to hurry up as this would be a very appealing location to developers.  The winning bid for the Civitan building was placed by Mike Maxwell, partner in Maxwell Building Consultants, on behalf of SHOW.  Civitan was very happy we wanted to steward this building, and care for its’ tenants, knowing that the units would be maintained in our community as affordable housing for seniors.

Money though, is always the challenge.  The SHOW board is very careful to measure risk against need, and are diligent in ensuring not only their unanimous support of this initiative, but in reaching out to our donors, large and small, to ask for advice. To ensure this project’s success, we need to raise almost a million dollars.  There is a plethora of need in our community, anywhere we look and no shortage of requests for whatever we can give.  Those to whom we turned, donors large and small, all told us the same thing.  You can count on us; we will give what we can to make sure we keep affordable housing for seniors in our community. 

As I reflect on the 10th anniversary milestone of SHOW I would like to thank the founders of our organization, and all our donors, past, present, and future – including you. Look at what you started.  All of you should be very proud of the role you have played and will continue to play as we prepare to launch our third affordable and supportive housing building in Waterloo.

Looking forward to sharing more updates with you as this project progresses. If you do have any questions in the meantime or want to learn more about our vision for affordable housing please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Talk soon,

Gael Gilbert
Executive Director