A Message from Jocelyn


         My name is Jocelyn Larin and for the past year, I have been working at Supportive Housing of Waterloo as both a student and relief staff. When I first began here at SHOW I was a student in my third year of college completing my summer placement and was hired on as relief staff when I finished.

         With the pandemic hitting as suddenly as it did, a lot of changes had to be made at SHOW to ensure the safety of staff and tenants. Without a doubt, this has been one of the most uncomfortable transitions to make. I feel for the tenants as they had to make changes that limited their day-to-day routine. Most of them often spent time being outside in the community either working, volunteering, or visiting friends. By limiting that, it has been a bit difficult for them to manage.

          I can see how it affects each one of the tenants. Whether it’s from small conversations I’ve had with them through the office window or just observing them. I can see how the pandemic has affected them. A few of them have opened up to me about how they feel lonely and isolated. I can understand how this can make quarantine only that much more difficult. I think it is safe to say that this pandemic has been stressful, and hard on everyone as it has affected various aspects of our lives.

         However, recent support from donors like you is making this time a little easier for our tenants. Generosity from our donors is allowing small changes that make a big impact, like new picnic tables on our back patio, expanded resources for tenants to access technology so they can continue to stay in touch with friends and family, while maintaining a safe social distance.

          In the past few months, I’ve seen so many ups and downs with our tenants (just like all of us), their moods are impacted, mental health is impacted, and overall quality of life. However, because of you, and all of SHOW’s donors, things are a little bit better.

          As a team member at SHOW, I’m so grateful for you, because I can see happiness in the tenants; happiness that we haven’t seen for a little while.

          In addition to your support, I also wanted to take a minute to publicly express my gratitude for all front-line workers, including my colleagues at SHOW. I’m grateful to be part of an “essential workforce” so early in my career. I’ve learned so much and want you to know the community’s support of SHOW has not gone unnoticed by our tenants and staff.

Sending you lots of gratitude and joy,

Jocelyn Larin (Student & Relief Staff at SHOW)