Answering Your Burning Questions and Addressing Some Feedback

A few months ago we printed a story about ‘Doris’ ( The tech-savvy among us noted that we had used a stock picture and expressed some concern as to whether she exists. Please let me assure you ‘Doris’ does live at 144, but we changed her name and picture at her request.

We live in an era where people’s stories of hardship and struggle are often considered to be inspirational, and certainly some are prepared to be quite public about what others might consider to be quite personal. Any article we print is always about a real SHOW tenant, and those tenants are, for the most part, comfortable sharing their names, but not ‘Doris’. She is ashamed of and embarrassed by her poverty, it is not how she imagined her senior years would be, struggling to cover her expenses. I could tell her story providing I did not share her name or picture, so I chose a stock picture which looks remarkably like her and she chose the name we used. I promised her I would maintain her privacy. And, I promise you should we use another pseudonym or stock photo for another tenant I will note it.

Do you other questions or feedback you would like addressed by the SHOW team in upcoming articles? Please reach out to us at, we are always here to listen to our supporters like you!