Fri, Dec 16, 2022

A safe, affordable home, and loving support is what we provide but we need your help to do it.

The holiday season is a time for reflecting on the past year, imagining what the future holds and appreciating the blessings we have received.

This year has been a difficult one for many. With rising interest rates and an increased cost of living, countless individuals struggling. For those already marginalized and vulnerable, the struggle has become even more difficult.

At Supportive Housing of Waterloo, we provide deeply affordable rents with onsite supports to help those in our community that need it the most.  SHOW provides the supports necessary to end the cycle of homelessness that residents may have experienced for years.

Providing deeply affordable rent WITH supports comes at a high cost and we need your help. SHOW cannot do this without the help of our community members.

These supports are crucial to residents like Kathy, who moved into SHOW after years of addictions and living on the streets. While Kathy was grateful for the housing she desperately needed, she was most thankful for the possibility to re-construct her life again. She has been connected with medical professionals to address her failing health and is once again consistently speaking with family members. She is participating in social activities again and this helps her feel like she is a member of her community. You made this possible!

With your support, SHOW was able to help Ernesto settle into a new home. Ernesto was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age and has struggled with periods of homelessness for most of his adult life. Since moving into SHOW, Ernesto has been in regular contact with mental health professionals. He has begun to develop relationships with staff and is opening up and trusting others.

SHOW residents are successful in maintaining their housing because of these supports. Supports that include programming to address financial literacy, food insecurity, and overall physical and mental wellbeing. Residents access opportunities for social and recreational activities, which assist them with overcoming feelings of isolation and helping to build relationships within their neighbors and community.

This year, as you prepare for the holiday season, I hope you will take some time to think of Kathy as she participates in art programs to create decorations to prepare for her first Christmas at SHOW. Please also think of Ernesto as he reflects back on moving into SHOW last Christmas. He recently told us that it was his best Christmas ever.

Kathy and Ernesto are able to have these holiday moments because of YOUR generous support.

Please give a gift this holiday season that will allow SHOW residents to finally find a sense of belonging, inclusion, community and family. What better gift is there than allowing someone the opportunity to grow and thrive in their community?

All of us at Supportive Housing of Waterloo thank you for your continued support and we wish you the all the very best this holiday season.

If you have the means to do so, you can follow this link to donate directly to SHOW's holiday campaign HERE!!

Ernesto accesses mental health supports at SHOW that he needs to be safe

Ernesto accesses mental health supports at SHOW that he needs to be safe

Kathy combats her loneliness and isolation by accessing social recreation programs

Kathy combats her loneliness and isolation by accessing social recreation programs