Calling SHOW Home by Brian Paul

Many people think that once a person moves from homelessness to being housed, the story ends.  If life is like a story with many chapters, finding a home at SHOW simply means that one chapter ends and another begins.

When someone transitions into housing at SHOW, many still tackle loneliness and understanding how to connect with others again.  For those who have spent many years on the street, they may have a hard time moving on, while others still feel a sense of community with their previous encampment or shelter.  Our goal at SHOW is to provide a space where we can empower those we support to find a place where they are able to feel a sense of inclusion, community, and, ultimately, family.

Each person has a story of their own, and often don’t magically feel like they are a part of a community once they get housed.  Your donations go a long way in providing the necessary support that allows us to guide our tenants into feeling like they belong.

Your donations allow SHOW staff to provide the following:

  • Social and Recreational Programming (Bingo/ Arts & Crafts)
  • Day trips (Horse Back Riding or canoeing on the Grand)
  • Meal Programs (Birthday celebrations, Holidays meals, BBQs)
  • Life Skills Programming (group cooking classes)

SHOW has also created a new Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund, a place for your donations to help support individuals with unexpected costs such as scooter repairs, broken glasses, or even purchasing a suit for a family funeral.  As our tenants are all on fixed incomes, this fund is essential in providing tangible support when life’s unexpected costs arise.

Your support allows SHOW staff to ensure that the individuals who live in any SHOW buildings are given the chance to feel valued, connected, and able to successfully move on to the next chapter of their lives.

We are eternally grateful and thankful to all of you for the support that you provide to SHOW and the opportunities that your support provides for SHOW residents.