Finding Community During COVID19

Since the summer months SHOW has been working on a community health initiative to help improve and maintain health within the community, both mental and physical, and safely reduce isolation during COVID19. Jayne Hembruff, an instructor who has joined this effort, is experienced in working with not for profits, and with marginalised groups within the KW community. During our most recent yoga class she observed a very positive experience. It reinforced the notion and the importance of bringing people together during difficult times, and the significance of community belonging.

Jayne had this to say: “Yesterday, I’d noticed our participants arrived very stressed out. After welcoming them with a smile, listening, we practiced some trauma informed therapeutic yoga for grounding (getting out of their heads) and building resiliency. By the end, I witnessed their bodies and breathing were calmer and they shared feeling better and so glad they attended even though it had been a rough day.”

Our participants live alone and are socially isolated. Now during COVID19, it is extra challenging for these people and to increase the challenge, our participants also live with mental and/or physical health challenges.

Jayne went on to recap: “Yesterday was particularly heartwarming since a new participant who has mobility challenges finally made it out and was greeted warmly by an existing participant. At the end of our session, one participant showed the mobility friendly path and explained how best to use the transit system. The new participant shared information on where and how to get a warm meal. What a beautiful exchange of practical knowledge! I just loved witnessing them helping come another.”

SHOW will continue to offer our health initiatives safely through the holiday and winter season. These supports are needed now more than ever. The instructors, participants, and SHOW are appreciative that the coordination of this initiative is possible.