Giving Gratitude to Those We Often Overlook

Working with individuals who have been marginalized by poverty, trauma, and health issues can be, to say the least, immensely challenging. Maintaining an organization that is capable of providing safe, affordable, and adequate housing, that can advocate for tenants, that ensures the health and safety of both residents and staff, that participates in community engagement and outreach has been the main focus throughout my time at SHOW, however, this work could not have been done without help from so many in our community. Saying thank you and expressing gratitude to those who support our tenants is a common theme for me, I have found this practice enables me to face each day with an open heart and renewed appreciation for the gifts I have in my life. 

There are some groups and organizations to whom SHOW owes thanks, and I would like to take some time to do that this month.

The population that SHOW serves (marginalized individuals that experience barriers to the supports and services that address their physical, mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing) can be unpredictable and often experience mental health emergencies that require more support than SHOW staff can offer. There are times when staff need to call their Waterloo Region Police Community Resource Officer to intervene and check on tenants that may be experiencing a mental health crisis, or some other emergency that requires intervention. Having a Community Resource Officer that is familiar to staff and tenants make interactions less stressful to tenants and most likely result in positive conversations rather than negative interactions. Waterloo Region Police and the Community Resource Officer Program have been invaluable to SHOW and we thank you for all that you do to keep our SHOW staff and tenants safe.

Politicians don’t often get thanked for their hard work but in the ten years I’ve been at SHOW I have been so impressed by our elected officials, from Brenda Halloran who was the mayor of Waterloo when I first joined SHOW, to Peter Braid and John Milloy who both greatly supported SHOW’s birth and growth and place in this Region, to Bardish Chagger, Catherine Fife, Jeff Henry and Mayor Dave Jaworsky.  Each one of these wonderful people has cheered SHOW on, provided us with information and other assistance as needed and we are so appreciative of our elected representatives and all that they have done for SHOW throughout the years.

And lastly, to all the community organizations within Waterloo Region that serve their community members with limited budgets, limited resources, and limited staff. We see you and we appreciate all that you do for our community.