How do you say “Thank You” to Those Who Have Given So Much?

As part of my role as Executive Director, it is my privilege to be able to thank all of those that support SHOW with their time, energy, and resources. Saying thank you to those that step up and support SHOW’s work is one of the easier parts of my role. However, finding the right words to thank Tim Sothern and Mark Crowell, 2 long-standing members of our Board of Directors was difficult. Both have given so much with over 20 years of service between them!! As they both leave our Board, but not the SHOW family, I hope they know how appreciated they were, how valued they were, and how grateful we all are for their service.

Tim Sothern

One of the first Board members I met after being hired as SHOW’s first Executive Director was a very kind and gentle man who provided me with introductions to the leaders of our Region.  Now he might not think of himself in those terms but for me, Tim Sothern embodies those virtues most important to me.  As a newbie, the systems, methods, budgetary procedures, personalities, and protocols of our Region were akin to an unknown language, and Tim, with extraordinary patience, guided me. No small feat!

Tim Sothern shaped our financial systems, watched our budget through the eyes of a consummate expert, and has provided the Board with a tireless, enthusiastic, always positive, always gentle but firm hand on our ‘rudder’.  Tim took over the reins of SHOW as Board president in 2018 and under his leadership we added 144 Erb Street East, giving time he didn’t have, ensuring the future of this small but mighty agency.

I regularly tell this board they are the best group of people I have ever had the pleasure of working under, and Tim Sothern has been the best Board President I have ever had the privilege of serving with. A man of integrity and compassion who I am very proud to know.

Mark Crowell

A year or so into my role as ED I met a young police officer who, within, five minutes of our meeting I knew would become integral to our Board of Directors.  Mark Crowell immediately impressed me by his commitment to serving our community, and in serving the most vulnerable, having been an Out of the Cold volunteer for many years.  Mark through both his professional and personal roles was well aware of the challenges facing those on the streets and acted on his commitment to ensuring our Region is a caring home to all who are here.

I knew from our first meeting in 2012 that Mark was a man with a profound sense of humanity I have rarely encountered.  No matter how tattered and damaged a SHOW tenant might have been, I could always count on Mark to provide me with advice on how best to mitigate a tenant’s crises while leaving their dignity intact.  Mark chaired our Risk Management Committee which has been vital for SHOW, allowing us to identify and address challenges before they might have become ‘issues’.  He spent almost 10 years with SHOW, very ably helping me and our board set direction, grow, be responsive to the community and to each other.  Mark’s brilliance will undoubtedly lead him to the highest offices in our community but it is his goodness, humility, sense of humour, and unerringly good advice I will miss.

Thank you Tim and Mark, from the bottom of my heart.