Introducing Our New Board President: Al Hayes

With you by our sides, we said goodbye to two longstanding board members this past August. In fact, through support from our generous donors, we were able to raise over $5,000 to establish the Mark Crowell and Tim Sothern Tenant Wellbeing Fund. It is now time for SHOW to welcome a new President to our Board: Al Hayes.

Many of you will know Al, he has been an active member of our community for many years. He brings to SHOW a wealth of community knowledge, his time on the Chamber of Commerce chairing the Physician Recruitment Committee to his past Presidency of Rotary Waterloo, his activism with various fundraising initiatives within our community, and his long-time employment with WalterFedy.

It was through his connections at Rotary Waterloo, and his volunteerism with his fellow Rotarian’s that he was able to connect with several of SHOW’s tenants. Al remembers hearing a tenant speak at a Rotary meeting about what it meant to be low-income with limited access to suitable housing in the Waterloo Region, and as a long-time resident of the Region, Al was disheartened to learn that so many were facing the same challenges and he was moved to become involved. These connections are what prompted Al to join SHOW’s Board of Directors.

During his time at SHOW Al has been involved in both the Housing Committee and the Fundraising Committee, where he has given both his time and expertise to assist SHOW in addressing the need for affordable housing options. Al views Waterloo as a vibrant and growing community but also sees that a side-effect of that growth is that housing is becoming increasingly unaffordable to many, especially those that are marginalized. Al believes that both the private and public sector need to work collaboratively to ensure that community services and supports don’t become beyond the reach of the average person.

SHOW staff and tenants are looking forward to forming a closer connection with Al as he moves into this new role and are excited for the new perspectives and outlooks that come with new leadership.