Libro’s Partnering for Good

What do you get when you pair an organization focused on growth of prosperity and advancement of affordable housing with SHOW’s SHOW The Way Home Campaign? A remarkable partnership and a great way to end 2020 with a smile. At the end of last month, SHOW learned that Libro Credit Union would be joining our growing group of donors to provide affordable housing for seniors with a remarkable gift of $30,000.

In 2018, when Libro became a certified B-Corp, they took the time to study the socially pressing issues in Southwestern Ontario to better understand how they could have significant impacts on their communities. Based on research and feedback from staff and regional managers, Libro decided that one of their areas of impact should be affordable housing. One of those managers that provided personal insight on the decision was Jordan Moat, the regional manager of the Waterloo Region branches. And when the SHOW The Way Home Campaign was presented to the Libro team, there was no doubt this partnership made sense for everyone involved.

Much like SHOW, Libro is dedicated to enhancing access for all to adequate, safe, and affordable housing, which is why our values aligned for this wonderful opportunity. There are many initiatives and organizations in the region that aim to support shelter and housing initiatives; however, SHOW stood out to Libro for multiple reasons. Jordan offered us an insight on why him and his team chose to support our SHOW the Way Home campaign.

While learning about SHOW, Jordan noticed the desired outcomes we have for our newest building at 144 Erb St. E and how the modifications we want to make align with the values of Libro. The detail that stood out the most was how SHOW wants to create a community space for our tenants. Libro understands the significance of having a community and having a network of support. As Jordan shared with us “Community can help improve quality of life for so many, and we are happy to join SHOW in their vision to create a community at their newest location”:

SHOW has been familiar with affordable housing for ten years, but Libro is relatively new to the initiative; however, Jordan, his team, and Libro are looking to learn more about affordable housing and its challenges. Libro’s donation is not only meant to help us tackle our initiative but is also meant to help the Libro team learn about what more they can do to help with housing issues. When Libro gets involved with an organization, their entire team becomes a part of the initiative, they encourage their staff to give back to their communities through volunteering and other opportunities.

“Safe housing can be the solution to so many other issues,” Jordan mentioned, “It can create a prosperous environment,” and we couldn’t agree with Jordan more. Every day we see the impact safe housing can have on our tenants and how it can create positivity in our community. We are delighted that Libro shares this perspective. Thank you to Jordan, his team, and Libro for contributing to our SHOW the Way Home Campaign, we could not have asked for a better way to end 2020.