Pancakes and Comfort from Waterloo Foodbank

Thanks to the ongoing support that SHOW receives from the Waterloo Foodbank, the tenants at 362 Erb St. were able to enjoy a delicious pancake brunch!

Tenant Support Coordinator Daria and tenant Randy worked hard to make the pancakes for everyone in the common room kitchen, while Fundraising Assistant Ema was able to deliver them to the tenants’ apartments.

Daria and Randy working hard to make pancakes for all 362 Erb St W tenants

The pancakes were a delightful surprise for the tenants and greatly appreciated! If you’re like me, there is no greater way to start the day then with a plate full of pancakes and knowing you are surrounded by a community that cares.   

As we have shared with you, COVID-19 has made it very hard for tenants to participate in activities, such as BBQs, game nights, and day trips. The prohibited social gatherings make it tough for the tenants and reinforce feelings of isolation. The pancake brunch was a much-needed way to support the tenants and brighten the atmosphere.

During these tough times, it is important to take care of each other and that is possible through SHOW’s amazing supporters!