Reflection from Gael: Gratitude

Gratitude is something I think about often. I try my best to be conscious of my blessings, a roof over my head, a family I adore, a job that supports me, food in my fridge – all of those things so many of us take for granted. Working at SHOW gives me an opportunity on a daily basis to be grateful. Tenants have taught me that no matter how one might struggle, the opportunity for a better tomorrow is just a short while away. I see staff who practice compassion as the most important part of their roles, and a Board who builds our path forward with consideration and grace.

And then there are the donors. You, who support SHOW as we house a growing population of those who struggle with age, trauma, addictions, ill health, and who are all marginalized by virtue of their ‘under the poverty line’ incomes.

As donors, you have always stepped up when we have asked, and as a result we have been able to increase tenant supports, fund programs and services to assist our tenants, build a new building of affordable housing units at 402 Erb St, and purchase an affordable housing unit for seniors in our community at 144 Erb St. I am overwhelmed by all that your generosity has led to. You have read the stories of our tenants and they thank you, they know it’s you who make it possible for SHOW to thrive.

We recently received a gift from one of our supporters, a very generous gift, in fact, a life-changing gift. When I asked her what had moved her to make this remarkable gift and how she chose SHOW to receive it, she replied that our story of housing a homeless veteran had touched her profoundly as her own father had been a veteran.

There are no words sufficient to express our gratitude for this gift, no words that will convey our appreciation or allow us to feel that this individual has been thanked enough. All I know is that my heart is bursting with happiness and gratitude.