Why do We Ride?

Ride for Refuge is not only an organization, but also a day where Canadians participate in this family friendly fundraiser. Each year it is done to show solidarity for those who are “displaced, exploited, persecuted, and abused”. In line with Supportive Housing of Waterloo’s (SHOW) mission and beliefs, we collaborate with Ride to fundraise for those in our community who have been displaced and require housing and the continuum of supports we offer.

This year, SHOW has expanded its family and purchased another affordable housing building in the Waterloo region. As such, SHOW is collaborating with Ride, for the third year in a row, to bring our community together and help continue our growth as an organization. With the addition of the building at 144 Erb St. E. (previously known as the Civitan Building) this year, we will be using the contributions from Ride for our “SHOW the Way Home” campaign. This campaign has recently launched, just this summer, and the funds received will be put toward our purchase of the new building and to make improvements to the building for our tenants. By Riding, we can raise more funds and awareness for our campaign.

How You can Participate in Ride

Although current social distancing circumstances do not allow for everyone to participate in Ride for Refuge in the traditional way, we still encourage everyone to participate however they can! Ride has given each charity the liberty to organize as their own Ride as they’d like, so SHOW will be making our Ride as simple to participate in as we can. 

This year’s official Ride for Refuge day is October 3rd, but if you’re able to start sooner, then go for it! SHOW will be making its official Ride a week-long event from September 27th to October 4th; so whether you’d like to do your activity over the span of a week or in a day, the choice is yours.

There are four ways to get involved in Ride for Refuge with SHOW this year. Below you will find suggestions for each option, and regardless of how you choose to participate we appreciate your support! *Please note: there is no registration fee this year, so if you can Ride then we encourage you to do so!*

  1. Lead or Join a Team
    1. If you would like to make a team consisting of you, your family, friends, or anyone you know, then sign up as a team captain and rally up your squad! Just follow this link and register as a new or returning participant. Then follow the easy steps to register yourself as a captain and make your team. Be sure to register for one of the classic Ride activities (walking or biking). Once your team is made, let your squad know and direct them to sign up under your team. When the team is made, start getting those pledges and sponsors rounded up, and make your way up the scoreboard!
    2. If you would like to join a team, but not have the responsibility of being a captain, then just sign up as a part of someone else’s team! Whether it’s a team consisting of those you know, or may not know, get involved, and come together with friends for a good cause. To join a team follow the same link and register as a new or returning participant. Then follow the easy steps to join a team by searching the team name or captain, and finish the remaining steps to complete your registration. Be sure to register for one of the classic Ride activities (walking or biking). Once you’re registered, start rounding up your sponsors and plan with your team to plan a fun team or individual ride!
      1. If you are unsure of which team to join or do not have a team to join, then we encourage you to join our Executive Director, Gael Gilbert’s, team. Her team can be found under the name The Show Offs. So join her and other SHOW supporters, and start showing off!
    3. Everyone is welcome to participate in Ride for Refuge, including your children! Children and youth under the age of 18 must be registered by an adult; however, the registration process is similar to that stated above.
  2. Sponsor a Team
    1. Another great way to participate in Ride is to sponsor one of the teams supporting SHOW this year. We understand that the current times are hard and unexpected, but even the smallest of contributions can make a difference. Ride offers tax receipts for donations meeting a minimum of $20. 
    2. Donations can be made online or through the mail. We encourage you to consider making donations through their site, as it will likely be faster and more secure. Donations can be made to individual team members or to the team overall; whom you choose to donate to if up to your preference, but of course we ask that you donate to teams supporting SHOW!
    3. If you are not supporting a particular individual or team, and are looking to support SHOW no matter which team your donation goes to then we recommend donating to our Executive Director, Gael Gilbert’s, team! Follow the link to donate directly to The Show Offs and support their Ride.
  3. Donate Directly to “SHOW the Way Home”
    1. This year’s contributions from Ride for Refuge made to SHOW will directly toward our new campaign supporting our purchase and improvements of the 144 Erb St E. (the old Civitan Building) building. We understand that you may have donated to SHOW previously through Ride, or may prefer to donate through Ride regardless; however, we encourage you to consider donating directly to our campaign. The following link will take you directly to our microsite (run through CanadaHelps) for our SHOW the Way Home campaign. The site is easy to follow and donations can be made easily and securely. Additionally, by donating through the site, you will receive your tax receipt sooner. However you choose to donate, we appreciate your contribution!
  4. Share our Ride Journey on Social Media
    1. 2020 has been full of trying times for us all and we understand that there may be circumstances preventing you from participating in Ride or donating to our campaign. We at SHOW acknowledge that support does not always have to be in the form of physical/monetary actions and contributions. As such, we are offering a fourth option for participating in Ride, which you can choose to do in addition to the previous three options or on its own. Get involved in the 2020 Ride by sharing SHOW’s journey on social media! 
    2. If you are participating in Ride then document your journey on social media! Post yourself doing your activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever, and tag us in it! We want everyone to know what you’re doing to support us so that they can not only get to know you better but also get to know us. Follow us on your preferred social media platform, and then tag us in your journey. And don’t forget to use any of the following hashtags: #rideforSHOW #SHOWthewayhome 
    3. Even if you’re not participating in Ride, we still encourage you to follow and share our journey through Ride on social media! Just follow us on your preferred platform(s) and share our posts and stories. Help us get our name and cause out there.
    4. Follow us on the following social media platforms:
      1. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/showaterloo/
      2. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/showaterloo/?hl=en
      3. Twitter: https://twitter.com/showaterloo?lang=en

Activities Suggestions for Ride

Coming Soon!

Help and Contact

If you find yourself in need of help at any point throughout your Ride journey, whether it’s signing up, sponsoring, or donating, please do not hesitate to contact us! We understand that the procedure for Ride this year may seem a bit difficult to follow this year, so we are available to help. 

For any questions and concerns please contact Vidhi Thakkar at vidhi@showaterloo.org, and she will do her best to help you. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the Ride for Refuge website specifically, then feel free to contact either Vidhi first or contact Ride directly at either 1-877-743-3413 (toll free) or info@blueseafoundation.org.