Meet Doris. She is 82 years old. She looked after her husband Ken daily until he lost his battle with Parkinson’s disease seven years ago. Suddenly she was alone looking for a place to live. Her grown children all live thousands of miles away. Doris’s small pension could not cover a retirement home and she could not afford rent every month with her own expenses. Her savings account was depleted due to Ken’s medical needs while he was alive.

This was not how Doris pictured her retirement.

At Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW), we believe everyone deserves access to shelter, and more than that, a place to call home. We believe finding a stable home for someone is the first step to positive life changes.

SHOW needs to raise $600,000 to grow and expand of vision for affordable housing with a focus on those most in need: seniors.

Your Gift Will:
Help fund essential upgrades to the building
Upgrading an existing building is more cost-effective than building a new complex. SHOW has identified several key projects to ensure the health, safety, and accessibility for our tenants.
Help expand our model of care
SHOW has developed a model of care that ensures those who are most vulnerable in our community have access to services ranging from the essential element of shelter, to medical care and access, and counselling and support from our onsite social workers, to name a few.