SHOW’s Previous Tenant Gives Back to Our Community

Spring cleaning is not only a time for removing the old, both things and habits, but also a chance for new beginnings and refreshing our lives. Although some aspects of this spring seem similar to last, with stay-at-home orders back in place, there have been many positive changes since the spring of 2020. Positive changes even happened close to home, with one of our SHOW tenants at 362 Erb St. W.

When we welcome tenants into their homes at 362, we do it with the hope that it is a stepping stone to a better future with housing stability. This is the same hope we had for one of our previous tenants, Cisco, who transformed his life for the better and has since moved into a market rental apartment of his own.

            Cisco moved into the SHOW building in 2013 after spending the majority of his adult life couch surfing or being homeless. He now had a home but with him came his severe addiction to alcohol. His addiction negatively affected every aspect of his life, including his mental and physical health. For Cisco it made no difference whether his addiction hurt him or those around him, but our staff saw his potential to get better and be better. With support and encouragement from the staff at SHOW, Cisco himself saw the potential to change and began the journey towards sobriety on October 1st, 2018.

            Then, before he even knew it, on October 1st, 2020, Cisco, along with the staff at SHOW, celebrated his second year of sobriety. Since being sober, Cisco has made numerous positive changes to his life. He has reunited with family, he got a part-time job, and he even began volunteering with various community agencies, including SHOW where he helped renovate units at 144. Most importantly, since celebrating his second year of sobriety, Cisco has moved into a market rental apartment of his own!

            Cisco’s journey of sobriety is credited to himself, he saw his potential to be better and build a better life for himself, so he enacted that change. However, he would not have had the tools and resources needed for that journey at his disposal without YOUR generous support. Your support allowed Cisco to access programming and resources that might not be available otherwise. Your support helped give Cisco the assistance he needed to maintain his sobriety. Your support helped Cisco find a way to give back to his community, get a job, and finally have a home of his own.

            Spring cleaning has not only brought a new beginning for Cisco, but it will now bring a new beginning for the tenant who moves into the same unit Cisco once called home. A new tenant will begin again at SHOW and we hope that their journey will bring the same positive changes. But just as your support brought transformation to Cisco’s life, it will once again be your support that will transform our new tenant’s life. Your support will help tenants see their potential and aim to bring positive changes into their lives. So, consider supporting us as a part of your spring cleaning this year, to not only refresh your life but also help refresh the lives of our tenants.