SHOW’s Welcome Wagon

Do you remember moving into your first new home?

I’m sure you remember that feeling of excitement about new adventures, new friends, and the beginning of a fresh new chapter in your life.

Those around you were excited and celebrating your accomplishment too! Maybe the Welcome Wagon came to your door and made you feel wanted and comforted?

Here at SHOW we don’t just welcome tenants into a new home, for some of our tenants this is their first home after years of living on the streets. 

We welcome new tenants to SHOW by providing them with a fully furnished unit with all of the essentials, including a new bed with fresh sheets, an outfitted kitchen, personal hygiene products, and a furnished living room.

There are even some unexpected treats — a stocked fridge and cupboards, window coverings, pictures hanging on the walls, and my personal touches – a teddy bear on the bed, a new plant on the counter, and a chocolate treat.

Come to think of it, we essentially become the SHOW Welcome Team! Like you, we want our tenants, those who have struggled to access secure housing, to feel comfortable. We all want our tenants to know that they are a welcome addition to the SHOW community.

Today, we are hoping you will join the SHOW Welcome Team. With a monthly donation, you can help ensure every new tenant has the comforts of home when we welcome them home. Those comforts you once added to your very first home. 

For as little as $5 per month you can provide shampoo, soap, and toothpaste to someone who lived without access to a private washroom.

Or, with $50 a month you can ensure tenants have a new mattress of their own, with a warm duvet! Many of the new tenants may be sleeping in a bed for the first time in years.

Join in the excitement of welcoming a new tenant by being part of the SHOW Welcome Team.

Please consider joining SHOW’s Welcome Team, where a simple act of monthly generosity can be a life-changing investment in one of SHOW’s tenants. You can join the SHOW Welcome Team by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued support of supportive and affordable housing in our community.