Staying Healthy While Staying Distanced

You may remember from a previous newsletter that SHOW now has a Health and Wellness Coordinator, Fiona. One of Fiona’s many goals for our tenants include engaging in physical and mental wellness, which she promotes by organizing various physical activities.

These activities are led by certified instructors in the community, and some activities so far have included yoga, strength and stretch, and tai chi. These gentle activities are meant to encourage our tenants, and the community, to connect with each other in a socially distanced manner while taking the time to connect with their bodies. Activities have been well received by our tenants and some members of the community, which is why Fiona is working to extend these activities into the winter. With social distancing guidelines in place, SHOW will continue offering Strength and Stretch Yoga Classes weekly, starting this week. Participation requires sign-ups ahead of class time. For more information follow SHOW on Facebook or Instagram @showaterloo or email We look forward to seeing you there!