Student Reflections

My Time at SHOW

Written by Andrea

As a student who had the opportunity to do their Co-op at SHOW, I am grateful that I was able to get the chance to know the tenants and staff members who make up this wonderful community. As a life skills coordinator, I researched and provided tenants with guidance that would help them improve their ability to enhance their quality of life and foster independence. This has been proven to be a beneficial experience for me as I can use these life skills I have researched into my own life as a college student. I have also come to know many of the tenants at SHOW as they have shared their stories and experiences with me. I learned that these individuals are some of the kindest people you will run into, and they made me more compassionate about caring about the community. I have also become more aware of the issues surrounding homelessness in the KW region, re-evaluating the stigmas that are placed upon this group. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and hospitality. I am so thankful for this learning experience and hope to use the knowledge I have obtained here in my future line of work in the field of community and criminal justice. 

My Summer at SHOW

Written by Ema

As the fundraising assistant I have been able to work on projects that will advocate for the needs of SHOW’s tenants and for affordable housing in Waterloo Region. Through this work I have had the opportunity to interact with many individuals from various backgrounds, research statistics on our region’s vulnerable populations, and learn how to present my work in a way that captures the essence of Supportive Housing of Waterloo. All the experiences I have had working with SHOW have been eye-opening, especially because I had no previous experience working in this type of environment. I have become more aware of the issues regarding homelessness, affordable housing, safe injection use, and all the stigmas involved with these issues. I have seen how important supportive housing is to our community; for many of the individuals I have met, SHOW is their forever home. I have learned both personal and professional lessons that I will carry with me into my future career in the community and criminal justice field, and I have made amazing connections with the individuals at SHOW who have helped to foster my development. I am extremely grateful that I had my summer co-op with SHOW, and I am looking forward to continuing my experience as a relief staff.