Take a Minute to Meet SHOW’s Students!

Overseeing an agency during Covid has been nothing if not a huge challenge to our agility to respond to crises as they happened, stressed staff and an ever-threatening virus. SHOW has been blessed over the years to have provided placements for at least 5 students annually, many of whom become our relief staff or permanent staff. As most placements cancelled students as a Covid measure, I knew that SHOW desperately needed our students to help as they do, in so many ways. The students this year have gone above and beyond and have made SHOW so much better for their presence.

Together, Ema Giovinazzo and Brandy Le Blanc have created a remarkable health assessment tool we are now using on all of our tenants, to help us identify current and future health challenges. I expect some interesting data to emerge, and will share it with you as we can. Ema and Brandy are also the videographers for all of SHOW’s little shorts, and a lot of fun to work with.

Melissa Doucette spends her time providing living skills to our tenants, helping them with grocery needs and ensuring our tenants are fed if needed.

Nimo Omar is our social work student who spends one day each week end at SHOW to experience working in our setting, and one day a week she is assisting the black Health Alliance in Toronto find Waterloo Region groups and communities interested in mental health supports for Black youth.

Vidhi Thakkar was a volunteer who now assists us with newsletters, donor outreach and so much more.

There is so much happening in our Region and beyond, and so many wonderful opportunities to reach out for, but with a very small staff group we often rely on our students to help bring those within our reach. Student placements at SHOW have always brought fresh perspectives to our work and are a vital part of our team. SHOW has been privileged to mentor many students who are now valued staff in many of our local agencies.