Tenant Unit Renovations

With the help of donors, just like YOU, SHOW has been able to not only welcome new residents into SHOW’s newest seniors’ affordable housing building, but they’ve been able to welcome them into freshly renovated units that they can call home. Many of the units have not had much work done to them over the past 15 years and some are in great need of both major and minor repairs.

Seniors requiring affordable housing accommodations may already be experiencing barriers to their mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing and moving into a new home is stressful enough without them worrying about whether their new unit is clean and safe.

Which is why, with support from community members, SHOW staff ensures that each new resident is welcomed into a unit that has been made safer and more beautiful with new paint, stronger lighting, accessibility upgrades (when required) and appliances that are fully operational.

Seniors in our community deserve the dignity of a clean, uplifting environment with a strong feeling of safety and belonging. Thank you for assisting SHOW staff in providing that to each and every SHOW resident.