The 2020 Holiday Season at SHOW

How would you describe your holiday season and traditions? In past years, the holiday season at SHOW has been described as “cozy, homey, festive, and welcoming.” Our tenants and staff feel the warmth of being surrounded by family and friends, and the sense of being home. This year, despite being home at SHOW, the festive season does not have the same feeling.

As the ups and the downs of the pandemic continue, our tenants are feeling the turbulence of the changes the holiday season will bring this year. Daria, one of the support workers at SHOW, reflected on how the tenants are adjusting to the changes this year and how donors, like you, can help. “The tenants are lonely,” she said, “They are feeling disconnected from each other and the community.”

Daria mentioned that due to Covid-19 restrictions the common room at our main SHOW building has been closed, and tenants are currently unable to have guests/visitors. For many of the tenants this has caused them to feel as though their routes of communication between each other and the community have been cut off. Although tenants have staff available for them to talk to, Daria expresses that the tenants still feel as though they are missing something.

Some tenants are trying to overcome the struggles of the restrictions in different ways. One of the tenants, Cisco, discussed how he is trying to overcome isolation by volunteering and giving back to the community. Recently, he has been preparing holiday turkey baskets for those in need through a local non-profit. Another tenant is giving back even closer to home. A tenant, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been donating masks to SHOW to ensure his fellow tenants have the necessary protection.

The holiday season may seem different this year, even for you, but as a community we can ensure that everyone feels the festive spirit. With your generosity, along with that of our other donors, 2020 has been made just a bit better for our tenants. Because of you and your generosity we have been able to purchase tablets and increased staffing to ensure the most connectivity possible for our tenants. We hope that together we can give them the SHOW holiday season they are familiar with; one that is festive and homey.

If you want to send holiday cheers to our tenants and bring a sense of connection and community, please feel free to send holiday cards our way (362 Erb St W, Waterloo ON N2L 1W6) and we can display them for all our tenants to enjoy.