Volunteer and Student Opportunities

To volunteer – most people who would like a volunteer opportunity at SHOW usually choose to do so as a group. Some examples of group volunteering include preparation of a special meal for a holiday, gardening over the summer months, fundraising (in conjunction with our Fundraising Committee), collecting Christmas gifts for tenants, painting, are just some ideas you might want to consider. If you are interested in developing a more supportive relationship with a tenant, we work closely with Circle of Friends, for which there is a link on our website, and through which, you can become part of a small group of volunteers who socialize with our tenants.

The Board also functions through volunteers. The board has a Nominations Committee which reviews all potential board members, and you may nominate yourself or someone else. All nominations must be in writing to the Chair of the Board.

Student Placements

SHOW accepts student placements over the age of 18, from accredited colleges/universities. We unfortunately cannot pay for student placements, however we do welcome your interest and work diligently to provide you with a placement experience that will equip you with those skills needed in a similar setting. Students at SHOW support the tenants through activities, one to one life/living skills supports, office supports, or special projects of interest to the student. For further information, please contact our Program Manager, Nicole Pereira at nicole.pereira@showaterloo.org.