This year Supportive Housing of Waterloo is saying goodbye to 2 members of their Board of Directors; Tim Sothern and Mark Crowell. As part of Tim and Mark’s legacy of serving individuals in our community, SHOW is creating a Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund to support our tenants with expenses that would not normally fall into SHOW’s budget.

Your gift today can help ensure SHOW tenants have access to a variety of items that will ensure their continued wellbeing. From grocery vouchers and transportation vouchers, to support for moving costs, SHOW’s Tenant Wellbeing Fund will be there to help each of our tenants when they need us.

Housing Is A Fundamental Right

At Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW) our values of inclusivity, collaboration, respect and trust underpin not only who we are but how we achieve our mission. We believe that housing is a fundamental right that all are entitled to. But Supportive Housing of Waterloo is about more than just housing. At SHOW we provide the programs, services and supports to help individuals with homelessness, addiction, mental health and hoarding issues transform their lives.

362 is Supportive Housing

A housing initiative to serve the neediest in our community

402 is Affordable Housing

An affordable housing initiative

Support Services

Many SHOW support services are available at no direct cost to tenants.

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