A gift to SHOW’s greatest needs fund provides SHOW staff with the ability to meet needs that arise unexpectedly or that may otherwise go unfulfilled.

SHOW’s Greatest Needs Fund also allows for SHOW staff to address funding gaps that may be prohibiting SHOW from providing various supports and programming to residents. The Greatest Needs Fund allows SHOW staff to efficiently support SHOW’s vision of providing the wraparound supports needed to keep our residents housed and allow them to reach their fullest potential.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN for 144 Erb St. E – Seniors Affordable Housing

Purchasing the former Civitan Apartments, located at 144 Erb Street East, ensured that 24 seniors from the Waterloo community would continue to live in their affordable rental units, free from the worry of eviction or increased rents.

Your gift to SHOW’s capital campaign will;

Help fund extensive upgrades to the building - Upgrading an existing building is more cost-effective than building a new complex. SHOW has identified several key projects to ensure the health, safety, and accessibility for our tenants.

Ensure that building remains affordable housing for Seniors – SHOW has made a commitment to ensure that 144 Erb St. E. continues to house low-income seniors from the community and that rents will remain affordable.

Create a community – Many of the residents at 144 Erb St. E. have been residents for a long period of time. They have friends in the building, neighbors that they rely on, and a community that welcomes them.

With just under $60,000 left to raise to close SHOW’s Capital Campaign, support from neighbors like you will be critical in helping to achieve that goal and providing peace, comfort, and quality of life to some of our community’s most vulnerable individuals.


Created to show our gratitude to long-time board members Tim Sothern and Mark Crowell

SHOW’s Tenant Support Fund was designed to assist SHOW tenants with supports and expenses that would not normally fall into SHOW’s budget.

There are times when government funding falls just short and SHOW residents need to cover a remaining balance for an assistive device they require; or supports aren’t able to be funded due to an individual not meeting all of the required criteria, or an unexpected expense occurs that requires immediate action but months of saving – in almost every scenario SHOW makes up that difference to ensure that residents can get the scooter they need for their mobility, that they can participate in a program that improves their wellbeing, or that they don’t need to wait 2 months to purchase new shoes as theirs wore out.

The Tenant Wellbeing Support Fund allows SHOW staff to ensure residents have access to critical health and quality-of-life related items. 

CASE-MANAGER FUND for 144 Erb St. E & 402 Erb St. W.

Having a roof over your head is the first critical piece of bringing stability and peace to those who struggle to access affordable, safe, and secure housing. However, a home is just the first step in creating stability. Support for SHOW residents is also important.

Case managers are an essential part of a tenant’s journey to being housed. While being housed is important, it doesn’t end there. Case managers are there to support those that need access to medical care, that need paperwork completed for income supports, that need information about harm reduction supplies, and sometimes they stand in for family and help residents through sicknesses and end of life. In some cases, on-site case managers become the family that many residents do not have.

While the Region of Waterloo covers staffing costs at 362 Erb St. W., they do not provide the same for SHOW’s buildings at 144 Erb St. E or 402 Erb St. W. SHOW staff have created this fund to support the costs associated with providing staffing at these 2 buildings.